Nic Weber

at Largely

Who do you work with most often at Largely?

I feel like I work with the team pretty equally because we're a small team and we work very collaboratively. However, I think the person I talk to the most is definitely Rich

What animal best illustrates your team?
Why is Wic Neber your favorite employee at Largely?
What would you tell someone thinking about joining the team at Largely?

What is your favorite gif?

What do you think the teams biggest win is this year?

Our biggest win this year was onboarding a new client in person. It felt TRULY real to me when we went to their headquarters and got to meet the people we'd been working with during the sales process. Up until that point, all of our interactions with our clients had been virtual, so the ability to shake hands, and get some face time with our client really cemented what we've built.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?

I have many passions, but I am a proud ultra nerd who loves board games with friends, DMing for my D&D group, camping in the mountains somewhere, catching up with friends over beers at any of the amazing breweries in town, meeting someone new and hearing their story, being a foodie in a new city with my partner, or working on a mobile games side project I co-founded. I don't sit still very well, so it is hard to pick a single passion! My passions are all-encompassing!

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