Your people are the authority on your culture.  

Let them tell the story.
Stand out to candidates by showcasing your company culture directly on your own job postings.
Job postings are boring. Make them stand out.

An improved job posting on Largely featuring a custom video and images
Traditional Job Posting
  • Doesn't accurately represent company culture
  • Lacks visual appeal to stand-out in today's competitive job market
Largely Job Posting
  • Showcase content about your company culture
  • Applicants are able to "meet" with hiring managers by watching their videos
  • Clean and modern branded experience

Uniquely branded

Stand out using your job postings

  • Native on your website
  • Custom Branded & Beautifully Designed
  • Embed Videos from Hiring Managers
  • Fully Customizable
  • In-Depth Analytics
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Traditional job postings do nothing to differentiate you from other companies. You miss out on candidates by not promoting your culture on the main point of entry for most job seekers: your job postings.

Enhance your posts

Crafted for a socially driven world

  • Automatically generated Open Graph images for every single job posting
  • Higher click through rates than traditional postings
  • Fully Customizable
Job seekers have lots of options. Make a good first impression with Largely, providing customized job post marketing across all social media platforms.
Job posting analytics snapshot. Job description views, view time, applications, and time to apply.

Designed for data nerds

Analytics on all your job postings

  • Get analytics for views on your job postings
  • Track every second of video engagement
  • Track your application rate
  • Discover High bounce areas of your job posting

Easy Videos

Simplifying video creation for your team

Utilizing the phone camera
  • Videos are made using a phone camera
  • No need to hire videographers
  • Universally understood
  • Extremely personable
  • 3x the quality of a webcam
Simple Management
  • Share creation links to hiring managers
  • Easy video approval process
  • Automation enabled
  • In-Depth Analytics
Easy for Hiring Managers
  • Takes minutes to complete
  • Remembers all previous answers
  • Works on Desktop and Mobile
  • Simple video creation process