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Our Mission

We believe a company’s identity is built upon the contributions, perspectives and culture of its diverse people, not the balance sheet alone.  There are many stories - not one. We believe people are the best ambassadors of an organization's culture - and we want to help them tell their stories to attract the best talent.
The Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, the Great Return...
We understand - talent is the most important part of your company strategy. Having the right people in the right roles makes the difference between single-digit or double-digit growth. And finding the right talent is top priority. In today's market - we are experiencing an important shift in perspective. Talent wants to look inside your organization before they hit the Apply button. They want to know who you are, what it is like to work at your company, and what they can expect - before they complete the application and pre-screening process. Talent is in demand - and they are looking to make informed, intentional decisions on their next steps in their career.

Traditional strategies remain critical - company websites with easy to navigate career pages, mission & values descriptions, a focus on what makes an organization unique, employer recognition & awards, testimonials, job postings & job boards - these are important fundamentals. And everyone is following the same best practices. While your content varies, the strategies are similar. You have to standout. You have to do something different.

At Largely, our team has spent years helping founders raise hundreds of millions of dollars to back their new organizations. After supporting these investments through software we developed to enable their storytelling, marketing, and analytics - those same founders started asking us to help them hire talent to support their continued growth - and we realized the amazing opportunity we had to transform the talent experience.

Largely was created with an idea in mind: job postings are mind-numbing. They are a veritable list of legal requirements and filler words - is anyone looking for someone who is not a self-starter? As such, talent sees the same thing over and over again - making the talent marketing of your organization that much more critical to filling your open positions.

"Everyone can relate to the problem that we are solving. It’s ubiquitous.  We demystify who a company actually is and create connections - everyone can find value in helping solve that problem."

Rich Dredge
CEO @ Largely

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