We're changing the way people create their job postings.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to create amazing job postings which help you hire.
Remember the last time you had to make a job description and it was super quick, simple and ended up being an accurate portrayal of the position you were hiring for?
Yeah... we don't either
We understand your pain—your job description is a Frankenstein's monster of copy/paste and does a bad job of standing out against the sea of other nearly identical job postings for a similar position. Most job descriptions don't show off what makes you unique – your team, company culture, projects you're working on, etc. Until now it’s all we’ve had.

At Largely, our team has spent years helping founders raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We helped with their storytelling, marketing, analytics and built software to enable them. During that time we noticed the jobs space had parallel problems—so we decided to do something about it.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, we are a passionate, agile, and knowledgeable group. With a breadth of expertise across many disciplines, we pride ourselves in building products that solve real problems. Whether it is helping founders raise hundreds of millions of dollars, or businesses hire the right people. We just love tackling a new problem.

Kinder Jones
Business Development
Kinder joined the team as an intern in 2019 and we loved him so much we begged him to come back to us once he graduated! He's an absolute phenom of lead generation and is definitely a better golfer than you.
Rich Dredge
CEO / Co-Founder
With a rich (get it) history of being awesome, our CEO brings his incredible technical knowledge with background in ad and marketing technologies. He takes "hockey dad" to a new level and the only thing that can surpass his passion for technology is his family
Josh Barnickol
Product Engineer
One half of the esteemed "Josh Engineering Team". Barnickol has a knack for building incredible products while wielding an intense technical knowledge. If he can't code it, nobody can. He's also a huge They Might Be Giants fan.
Charley Meyer
Business Development
One of the first members of the team. A true Swiss Army Knife, Charley tackles sales, marketing, and business development initiatives. If anyone had a beard growing competition during COVId, please reach out to Charley so he can claim the title.
Nic Weber
I don't like talking about myself, so I'll keep it simple. An aspiring Hobbit with a background in design, product, and user experience. I also enjoy memorizing random facts that will never benefit me and am a bit of a Tolkien nerd.
Josh Deckard
Software Engineer
One half of the esteemed "Josh Engineering Team". Deckard is the unicorn dev everyone whispers about. He can build it to last, and fast. He midnights as a home renovation expert and exerts a lot of clout after becoming semi-famous on historic house corners of Instragram.
Wic Neber
Software Engineer
The mysterious third member of the development team. He's known for merge conflicts and stashing changes that will never see the light of day. He's currently on a PIP (pictured)