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React Developer
St. Louis, MO / Remote
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Job Description

Thumbraise is a platform that enables founders and investors to connect to raise capital. In just our first 14 months, we've helped founders raise $150m+ in capital, and we're expanding our platform to support companies in helping them recruit talent for hire. Some of our customers include Silicon Valley Bank, Wilson Sonsini, Yale University, Stout Street Capital, LaunchCode, ASU and many more.

We're backed by founders of Square, Zynga, Answers, Stout Street Capital, Cultivation Capital, and many other exceptional angel investors.

The product:

  • The primary objectives of the product are to offer discovery, access, and efficiency for founders to pitch investors.
  • The user experience is very video-heavy, think Instagram Stories for pitches
  • The platform allows founders to create and upload pitches in both video and PDF formats, and submit those pitches to networks of investors.
  • Investors engage with those pitches and, if interested, connect with the founder and continue the conversation off the platform (i.e. a phone call, email, or meeting)
  • Founders can split test their pitches and extract valuable insights on how investors are engaging.

The architecture:

  • The web app is built on React/Redux
  • Adopting the AWS Serverless architecture, Thumbraise is designed to provide high-performance as we grow users and engagements.
  • Our services and endpoint APIs are built using Node JS AWS Lambda functions.
  • DynamoDB is our NoSQL datastore, using Elasticsearch for querying/searching data.
  • Our eventing/analytics streams flow through Google Cloud using Firebase/Analytics and raw event data is stored in Google BigQuery for complex data processing and analytics.
  • Content uploaded to the platform is analyzed using a combination of AWS AI services and homegrown solutions
  • Engineers have the ability to develop code and data structures that transcend the stack

You Are

  • Energized by leveling up your skills
  • Equipped with a collaborative mindset
  • An engineer with 2+ years experience in Javascript, with emerging convictions on best-practices
  • Excited to have a stake in a business
  • A passionate creative thinker that motivates others to create
  • Are not afraid of failure and are willing to try and iterate on ideas to solve problems and explore possibilities
  • Relentless at prioritizing and balancing present vs. future needs
  • Creative to pursue time and capital-efficient strategies of execution
  • A fast decision-maker
  • Excited about seeing the results of your work, and tuning/learning to produce better results

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