Introducing UNMET Jobs

Samantha Camp
January 27, 2021

Who We Are

UNMET Jobs is a virtual job fair experience tailored for jobseekers to safely seek employment during the COVID-19 pandemic. In partnership with Largely, a humanized job matchmaking platform whose focus is on improving the job search experience, UNMET Jobs is creating a unique job fair experience through its modernized networking platform. The team at UNMET saw a need for innovation and safety for job seekers during this unprecedented time and understood the importance of doing so from the comfort of your home.

How We Work

The UNMET job fair will be entirely online. Participants are able to present themselves and their work through the Largely platform via video resumes that they record and upload. As a job seeker you will also be asked to answer a few questions in order to enhance your profile and let your personality show. Don't sweat the video, bloopers are encouraged-for additional help view our video resume script ideas. We encourage answering all questions honestly in order to allow recruiters to see who you are rather than just seeing your resume.

In order to participate in the UNMET job fair you will need a good internet connection, a working microphone and a webcam (if you would prefer to not show your face you may upload a screen recording showcasing your work or portfolio). Record yourself against a white background and limit the amount of background noise in order to record clear audio. For the best results, make eye contact with the camera or ‘recruiter’, speak in even tones and avoid unnecessary movements. Put your best foot forward and dress as you would for a traditional job interview. Expert Tip: Make sure check out our blog on Creating a Great Application, and be sure to review your profile to make sure it is exactly how you want it before submitting.

Once you have completed all the steps, congratulations! You are now have access to the job fair! Once you have been accepted, all participating businesses and recruiters will be able to view and interact with your video resume. From there you will be invited to apply for a position and may be able to participate in private webinars and info sessions. For further questions view our FAQ's.

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Are You Ready to Join Us?