Video Script Ideas

Hallie Kim
January 28, 2021

Are you stuck on your video introduction and don’t know what to talk about? We understand! Here are some examples of how you can format your own script.

To make your life easier, here are the top templates that job seekers use.  

Example 1:

·      Hi, my name is _____, I graduated from _____with a degree in _____. I’m interested in a _____ position in _____ industry. I feel like my past internship(s) at _____ have prepared me to enter the workforce. I hope to further my career working for a reputable company and in 10 years I see myself _____. In my spare time, I enjoy _____ and _____. I look forward to starting my career.

Example 2:

·      Hi, my name is _____, I have ____ years of experience working in various positions such as _____ and _____. My aspiration is to work in the _____ industry because I have a passion for _____. Some things I enjoy in my free time are ______ and ______. I am eager to find the right fit for me!

Example 3:

·      Hi, my name is _____, I graduated from _____with a degree in _____. I spent __ years working at ______ doing ______. I'm proficient in _____, _____, and _____skills. I'm looking for a change in the same industry, I'm open to traveling for work or working remotely. Something you’d be surprised to learn about me is that I like to _____!

Example 4:

·      Hi, my name is ____, and I'm looking for a full time/remote position. I’ve spent years working at_____ doing _____. Although my experience is mainly in this _____ field of work, I have interests in many others including ______ and ______. I am ready for a change of pace and to challenge myself in a new role! I’m excited for any opportunity that comes my way. A fun fact about me is _______!


General Guide:

·      Education background

o  Relevant courses, certifications, projects, etc.

·      Internship experience (if applicable)

·      Skills and relevant work experience

·      Hobbies and interests

·      What are you looking for in a job?

o  Company culture, day to day, remote/ in-person, location, etc.

·      Career aspirations and goals

o  Where you see yourself in 5-10 years

·      Anything that sets you apart!

This is where you would introduce yourself – use your full name! In this next sentence you can talk about your educational experience. Following that would be a good place to touch on work/internship experience if applicable. Next you can talk about what skills you’ve gained from your educational and work experience, along with any other skills you have. Here comes the fun part – make sure to tell us exactly what kind of job you’re looking for, both currently and long-term! Lastly, don’t forget to showcase your personality – tell us what you like to do, what your interests are, what you’re passionate about, any hidden talents, etc. In closing, show your excitement!

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