Pandemic-friendly job hunting

Samantha Camp
January 27, 2021

Job hunting has never been easy...

COVID-19 has made it uniquely difficult to find employment. Due to in person networking and job fairs being postponed until further notice, personal interactions for job seekers are hard to come by. Thankfully, many employment resources have gone digital in order to make seeking jobs easier for job seekers. However, presenting yourself digitally can be difficult for some, especially when their personality helps them stand out during interviews. This is where UNMET Jobs steps in.

UNMET Jobs was created as a way to innovate the current digital hiring landscape in order to provide a better experience for post-grads and job seekers. Our team recognized the stress of applying for jobs digitally and wanted to humanize the hiring process. We did this by collaborating with Largely, a job matchmaking platform whose focus is on improving the job search experience by allowing both job seekers and recruiters to connect face-to-face, COVID-19 style.

We saw a need to create a more humanized way to connect digitally through the safety of your home. Not only can companies and recruiters connect with you through the Largely platform, you can connect with companies on a personal level by seeing the company culture before you step through the office doors. This could be your big break; you will be able to connect with top tier companies like never before and create a connection with recruiters before they see your resume.

Utilizing Largely, UNMET Jobs will be hosting month long conferences in various cities across the US. Our goal is to connect recent grads and job seekers to employers through innovative video resumes, you can check out the guide here.

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