I’m an Employer, why should I post a team video?

Becca Reder
March 19, 2021

                 I'm an Employer, why should I post a team video?

After completing your profile on Largely, you’ve probably seen a button that says “Add Team Video” on the right-hand side of your company profile. Did you know that you can increase the number of applicants to your job listings by 2X by adding a team video? Here's how and why:

Promote Ownership
Team members can create their own video, which allows them to get involved and play an active role in hiring their future colleagues. This is a great opportunity to include individuals from different departments, seniority levels and branches. Have them talk about their responsibilities and highlight any accomplishments.

Build Trust
A video from team members is a job seekers’ first impression of the team they will be working with. Adding this humanized element creates a warm and welcoming feel for prospective applicants. Building trust early puts job seekers’ minds at ease. Entering the workforce can be intimidating for many so by putting a face to your brand, job seekers are more likely to apply.

Create Transparency
Being upfront with job seekers about what they can expect ultimately leads to better compatibility in the long run. Giving job seekers’ detailed descriptions and background information makes it easier for them to understand if they are a good fit for your company, and which role would suit them. Remember, honesty is the best policy!

Break the Ice
Experience a smoother first-interview with job seekers as they will have already “met” you via the team video. This will make them feel more comfortable, resulting in less jitters and more open conversation. You will also be able to see their video introduction and learn about their passions and interests. Resulting in better conversation and a less awkward experience for everyone.

Differentiate Yourself
This separates you from other companies and other work cultures giving you the upper hand. Job seekers are more likely to apply if they know more about what you do and what they should expect when they land the job. Give them a valuable insight into your company beyond what they can research or find on their own. It’s a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition!

Showcase Company Culture
This video introduction is a way to showcase your company culture to prospective job seekers. What makes your company unique?
Here are some ideas to touch on:
- Give them a window into your team dynamic such as office atmosphere
- Amount of collaboration
- What they could expect on a day-to-day
- Company values/beliefs
- How you foster work/life balance
- Touch on work environment, are you remote or in person?
- Team activities such as Casual Friday’s or Taco Tuesday’s?

Now that you’re ready to post a video, don’t over think it! Just be yourself and showcase what makes your company a great place to work. For additional recording tips click here.

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