Guide to creating a great application on Largely

Nic Weber
January 27, 2021

Introduce yourself in 60 seconds or less

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Get rid of the fluff

Talk about internship experience and relevant work experience. Why are these things applicable in the field you are trying to jumpstart your career in? Think of some things that your mom would brag to her friends about. Don’t be modest.

If applicable, talk about why you chose your degree and university, but don’t stop there, tell us why you love it! This is your chance to show us what we can’t see on paper.

Make sure you talk about your career goals. Your previous experience is valuable, but we also want to know where you see yourself in the future.  


Don’t wing it. Recording this video shouldn’t be scary or stressful, it should be fun. You can record yourself as many times as you want before you submit your video to us, so it’s okay if it takes a few tries to get it right. In fact, we encourage a few bloopers!

If you feel it’d be helpful, write down a small script for yourself to follow. This will also help you avoid using too many filler words, such as “like” and “um”. Just make sure the script stays off screen! Click here for our blog on script ideas.

Talk like you’re talking to a friend

You don’t have to be as professional as you would be in an interview. Save that for later! Let it flow naturally (after practicing, of course!) and be yourself. There are no restrictions on what you can talk about. Tell us niche facts about yourself, like what you do in your free time and what sets you apart from everyone else. We want to see your personality while learning about you, so have fun with it.

Slow down

Time yourself before you get behind the camera. Speaking out loud helps here too. This will tell you how long your video will be, not only giving you peace of mind but also ensuring you won’t be talking too slow or fast. 60 seconds is shorter than you think. Breathe!


Recording Tips


Technical Quality

For best results, use a smartphone camera or a high-quality webcam to record your video. Laptop webcams are okay to use, however the quality may not be as high.

Additionally, portrait mode tends to result in better user experience though landscape is allowed.


You should be the focus of the video! If you’re recording yourself and not doing a screencast, ensure that you’re centered in the recording. Try using your front-facing camera or do some test shots to see how your camera is positioned. Prop up your phone if necessary so it’s head-on and not at a strange angle.

Move objects that appear in the frame and could pose a distraction- it’s best to sit in front of a solid wall (white, if possible).


Use a well-lit room to record your video and find natural light if possible. If using a smartphone, tap on your face to adjust the lighting and focus. 

Position yourself behind lights so that your face is clearly visible and not backlit or dark from shadows. Think of a photo shoot and how the photographers position the lights in front of you!

Have a ring light? Use that!


Ensure you have a quiet environment to record your video in. Have your roommate take the dog out, turn off all TVs, tell your neighbors to be quiet for a few minutes, and rid the place of any distracting sounds.

Do a test video to see if anything gets picked up, such as a fan or heater, and try to minimize those background noises as best as possible.

Screen Recording

Ensure your screen is ready to present! Close all unnecessary tabs, turn off notifications, have your content loaded and ready to go, allow access to your microphone, and change your background to something plain. This will be seen by recruiters, so remove anything unprofessional.

Additionally, you’ll want to test your internet connection to see if there is any trouble loading the content you want to share.


Dress Nicely

We recommend dressing either business professional or business casual. This means high-cut tops, a solid or subtle patterned top, no flashy jewelry, and subtle makeup (if applicable). It’s best to wear soft or deeper toned tops, such as grey, dark green, or beige so that the focus is on you and not your clothes. Dress as if you were going to an in-person job fair or interview. Professional doesn’t have to equate boring, still be you!

Be aware of your body language

Keep your hands away from your face to avoid messing with your hair, scratching your nose, or overuse of hand gestures. Do not chew gum, fidget, or move around a lot while recording.

Get rid of distractions

Turn off your notifications, even if they won’t appear on the video, as it may distract you and take you off course. Find a private room to record in so that nobody else is around to make you uncomfortable.


Nobody wants to watch a video where the speaker looks bored and uninterested. Think of the best lectures or speeches you’ve attended, it’s likely the speaker was engaging the audience well. Even though you won’t be able to interact with anyone through this video, you can still engage with the prospective viewer. You can do this by maintaining eye contact, avoiding a monotone voice, and smiling while you speak to show your enthusiasm.

Be authentic

You have the opportunity to participate in a virtual event from the comfort of your own home. This is an advantage because you are already in a comfortable environment. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show. Employers want to get to know the real you, not someone you think they might want to meet. Be unapologetically you and remember to smile!

Watch the video before submitting

Don’t jump the gun on submitting your video, definitely watch it beforehand. Check to make sure there are no distracting sounds or movements, that your words are clear and articulated well, and that you are maintaining eye contact the entire time. Remember, you can re-record this video as many times as you need to until you’re confident enough to submit it.

Be early

When you are invited to a private webinar or interview, you want to be early! Even though it’s virtual, punctuality is key so it’s important to be respectful of employers’ time. 

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