Creating a video on Largely as a hiring manager

Nic Weber
January 27, 2021


Today’s hiring landscape is more competitive than ever and with job seekers looking for more than just pay and benefits it’s become critical for employers to show off their culture at every point in the process. This onboarding guide will walk you through how to create a highly engaging job description by giving you tips on video production, scripting, and more!

Design better job descriptions with video

We’re here to help you create an amazing, simple, and effective video to help you drive interest in your job opportunities. ​​We help humanize job postings by putting the people into the description—literally.

Stand out from the crowd:

  • Video helps us put people first, not text, and provides you with an opportunity to drive interest while also marketing personality & culture to candidates.

Be more effective: 

  • “Organizations that invest in employer branding are 3x more likely to make a quality hire.” - Glassdoor


Rich at Thumbraise
Andrew at Quillt
Kaustubh from Anheuser-Busch

Production Guide

Step 1: Lighting
It’s always best to try to use natural light. If you don’t have access to a good natural light source like a window, a bright room works as well.

Do: Stand with your face towards a window in order to capture the best lighting.
Don’t: Stand with your back to the window.

To make the video more personable, record in portrait mode with your phone at eye level. Also try to keep your focus on your phone’s camera, not screen

Step 2: Angles
When it comes to looking into the phone camera, keep your chin down and the camera up.

Do: Pointing your chin slightly down and looking up at the camera
Don’t: Point your chin/face down at your phone

Step 3: Be mindful of your background
You are representing yourself and your company, so you don’t want to shoot your video with a messy closet in the background

Do: Find somewhere with an uncluttered background
Don’t: Record in a messy bathroom or anywhere else you wouldn’t want people seeing!

Step 4: Find a quiet spot
Pretty simple - you want people to understand what you’re saying!

Do: Record in a quiet room or outdoors in a quiet spot
Don’t: Record in a busy coffee lounge, by a highway, or a noisy conference room

Step 5: Be yourself!

It is always best to be genuinely you. Job seekers are getting an inside peek at you and your team, so you want to be honest with them.

Do: Be open-minded and honest
Don’t: Put on a fake face or force anything.

Step 6: Keep it short and sweet
Retain attention by keeping your video shorter. Don’t time yourself, but be mindful of how long you’re talking!

Do: Keep your video around the 1 to 2 minute mark
Don’t: Ramble on for 5 minutes about every tiny detail

Step 7: Recording your video

When you’re ready to record, it’s best to use your phone’s camera. You have two options to record your video:

Option 1: Scan the QR code using your phone camera
Option 2: Upload a pre-recorded video. We recommend using your phone camera for this as well.

Attention iPhone users! Apple limits your phone to only record in 480p on web browsers. If you want a high quality video, we highly recommend recording it on your camera app first and then uploading it to our platform!

Scripting Your Videos

Video Objectives

  • Don’t recite the job description to the candidate, sell it to them
  • Think ‘personality’ and ‘authenticity’ over perfection
  • Create a connection between yourself and the applicant
  • What would motivate them to apply for the opportunity

Question Prompts

  • Why should the candidate want this position?
  • What’s something great about your company?
  • What are you looking for in an applicant?
  • What should the applicant know about the team they’d be working on?

Sample Scripts

Sample Script 1

fill this out Mad Lib style!

Sample Script 2

Fill this out Mad Lib style!

Still stuck? Here’s some more inspiration!

  • Let them know why you’re hiring for this position
  • Introduce yourself
  • Share an amazing stat or interesting statement about the company or role.
  • Share something unique about the opportunity and why an applicant would want to work in the role/company.
  • What is your favorite part of working on your team?
  • Office walkthrough
  • How the company’s work-life balance has allowed you to pursue passions outside of work.
  • Feature an employee who started at the same position discussing:
  • What it takes to be successful (character traits, background, etc)
  • What they found most rewarding about it
  • Tell them why now is the right time to join
  • Is the business in a hot market?
  • Did you all move into a new office or add benefits?
  • Exceed your goals?