Travel Nurse
at Cross Country Nurses
Maria has been a travel nurse with Cross County Nurses for 3 years. She has completed 20 contracts in 20 different cities.
What is your favorite things about being a travel nurse?

What is your favorite gif?

Where are your favorite places you have traveled to for contracts?

I think my contract in Hawaii was easily my favorite. Not only were the people I worked with amazing, but the islands are incredible. I was able to extend my contract here because I loved it so much. Hawaii has hiking, surfing, scuba, and so much more. I could seriously stay here forever.

What have you learned lately?

I just finished a new round of certifications! I can take as much time off as I want to in order to finish them which is great.

Who have you met on your contracts?

SO MANY PEOPLE! I have met friends, and some people I call family. In Virginia I actually met my current boyfriend and he now travels with me since he works remote! I could have never imaged this would be my life, but here I am thriving.

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Nothing keeps life fresh and exciting like change. As a travel nurse, you can pursue your career and life goals, choosing to embark on new adventures in both. As a travel nurse with Cross Country Nurses, you’ll have the support and exclusive offerings of one of the top travel nurse brands in the industry. Don't take our word from it - get it straight from some of our Travel Nurses!