Marketing Manager
at Insight Global
Amanda has been a travel nurse at Insight Global for for 6 months. She partners with Compass stakeholders to understand event and initiative pipeline, new capabilities, and digital marketing needs. Share results, solutions and plans as needed.
What would you tell someone interested in applying to Insight Global?

Where are your favorite places you have traveled to for work?

I think my time in Hawaii was easily my favorite. Not only were the people I worked with amazing, but the islands are incredible. I was able to spend some extra time here because I loved it so much. Hawaii has hiking, surfing, scuba, and so much more. I could seriously stay here forever.

What have you learned lately?

I just finished a new round of certifications! I am empowered to keep learning at Insight

Who do you work with daily at Insight Global?

SO MANY PEOPLE! The position I am in is really great for meeting people in many departments. Not only do I get to understand the business better, but I get to meet more amazing people at the company.

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